Good design is often [invisible]. It serves the purpose without calling attention to itself. When you look at something, understand the intent and know what to do – it is well designed. It just makes sense.

Good design is not about following the latest fashion. It is more about being well-fashioned. it is about being appropriate, beautiful, clear, dynamic and engaging.

The goal is a simple, perfect solution to any complex problem.

Design starts and ends with understanding.

Understanding the audience, the business model, how media works, and when to apply technology is key to the successful design process. Defining the problem in this context is the first step.

Design is both science and art.

The successful design process applies the scientific method – observation, hypothesis, experimentation and proof. By listening to customers, analyzing the problems and searching the current environment, strategies are developed. Plans are sketched out, tested and refined. From this the architecture of the solution is formed.

Success also requires artistic vision. The solution should be infused with culture, beauty, intuition and spirit. Communication happens on many levels that can only be defined as art.

The proof is in the solutions.

© 2011 Paul Souza